We will educate the artists by providing insight into business, vocal coaching, and performance development. The BLESSED VOICE Competition and Awards Show will honor cancer “Fighters”, MS “Fighters” and highlight influential Voices in the community through music and humanitarian efforts.

The BLESSED VOICE AWARDS honors and highlights influential Voices in the community through music and humanitarian efforts. Our Atlanta-based committee consists of Atlanta City Councilman, Michael Julian Bond, influential music-industry veterans, metro- Atlanta business owners and residents-  who understand the value of a Blessed Voice, who is making an impact in uplifting our community. Visit the TheBlessedVoice.com to nominate a community leader in the arts, healthcare, political platforms, places of worship and non-profit sectors.


Dr. Harris is a leading clinical research scientist, teacher, cosmetic formulator, naturopath, entrepreneur, radio host, and community leader. She and her team has gotten 13 drugs approved with the FDA.

We honor Dr. Harris for her accomplishments in medicine with the "Humanitarian Award in Medicine".


Dr. THeresa Harris, Phd

Leilani Barksdale

Being diagnosed with cancer had Little Leilani in out of the hospital, but she is a FIGHTER and she is brave! 

We honor Leilani Barkdale with the "Fighter Award".


Lauren Taneil
& the GG's

Lauren Taneil and The GG’s are professional musicians who have poured their musical gifts back in to the community to inspire performers of all ages. They have traveled world playing behind some the biggest names in the music entertainment industry. They have used their talents to bring awareness domestic violence, human trafficking, cancer and MS. 

We honor Lauren Taneil and the GG's with the "Humanitarian Award in Music".


The Bridge Network and the Blessed Voice is proud to partner with PAINTED PINK, 501 (c)3 to honor cancer survivors at the event.